Humans have been dancing ecstatically since humans were a thing!

Ecstatic dance connects people to themselves and each other without the distraction of speech, alcohol and other substances. It is a wonderful way of exercising without any set steps or instructions. This is an invitation to be yourself,  to surrender to the rhythm and move freely with the music. There are no steps to learn, only your' natural rhythm waiting to be discovered! We provide a held, safe space that empowers everyone to express themselves freely & to build the courage to dance without inhibitions. 


Dance can be a deeply healing process, by moving outside of our habitual movement patterns we have the opportunity to unwind the effects of the past and to release tension from within our bodies, the music is the tool to take you on a deep transformational journey.

You can expect a wide variety of music genres from tribal & electronic to classical and everything in between. we aim to assist a natural flow peaking and resting to mirror the rhythm and energy of life. The music becomes the facilitator during the wild ecstatic dance ending with moments of stillness into silence where we can rest and breathe together. 

At our events you are free to dance alone and there is no pressure to connect with anyone else, just be yourself and honour what you need in the moment.

Ecstatic dance is for everyone regardless of age (although please note, our events are 14+), gender, background or social status

Important info:

1. The dance is a silent practice - you are welcome to communicate with others with your body language, but please keep words outside the space. You're welcome to talk in the chillout area.

2. No drugs/alcohol.

4. Phone-free zone. Please keep your phones off/silent and out of sight.

5. Respect of self and other. We ask participants to take responsibility for themselves, but also to watch out for others and be mindful of their personal space.

6. The dance provides a way to connect with people without using touch so during the dance please allow people to move freely without making physical contact

7.No photography, we will not take photos of you & we ask you not to take photos of others.

8. Our events are 14+ and we ask that 14-17yrs are accompanied by an adult.