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We're excited to bring our 1st Birthday Celebration to you in the comfort of your own space. We're offering an evening of upbeat, high energy, party tunes to celebrate all of you who've joined us on this journey so far, whether you've been to every event or this is the first. Let's keep evolving & dancing together!

We feel that dance is needed more than ever and our intention is to create an online offering that invites you to come home to your body, to express yourself freely and to build the courage to dance without inhibitions. This space is for your own free-form movement supported by a powerful soundscape.

Our events offer a vast variety of music possibilities such as Tribal, Drum n Bass, Reggae, Jungle & House, including classical and chill-out. We carefully select tracks to assist a natural flow of peaking and resting to mirror the rhythm and energy of life!

This can be a wonderful way to exercise without any set steps or instructions. There are no steps to learn, only your natural rhythm waiting to be discovered!

Things will be a little different from our in-person events, as you can imagine! Here’s what you need to know:


Practical info


In advance:


1. Book your ticket in advance via Eventbrite. Tickets are on a ‘pay what you can afford' basis from £0-10 but with a recommended donation of £5.


2. We’ll be gathering by using an app called Zoom. You’ll need to download Zoom and set up an account prior to the event, you’ll only need a free account and you can get one here: You’ll be sent a link for the Zoom meeting when you book your ticket and this is all you will need to join the dance.


3. We recommend using a sound system/ speakers/ or good quality headphones if you have access to them as you will enjoy better quality sound compared to using the speaker from your phone/ laptop.


On the day:


1. We recommend you arrive early from 7:15pm, especially if you are new to using zoom so that we have time to troubleshoot any technical issues before we dance!


2. When you enter the Zoom meeting your microphone will be muted, so we won’t be able to hear you, but you should be able to hear us.


3. We suggest that you arrive with your video on as it can be lovely to see the faces

of those we are gathering with.We've done sound tests using several devices and it seems that iPads and certain smart phones are problematic when playing our live DJ set and Zoom at the same time so we’ll ask you to close Zoom just before the DJ set starts.


4. You’ll be sent a link to a livestream, where Elise will be creating a live DJ set for


Structure of the evening

19:15 Arriving in Zoom meeting & tech support


19:30 Intro and guided welcome


19:45 Live DJ set & facilitated dance journey (75 mins)


21:15 Closing circle


21:30 End



1. For privacy reasons please do not take photos / screenshots of other people. No photography is allowed at our in-person dance events and we’d like to apply the same rules here.

2. No chatting once the dance starts.

3. Respect and honour yourselves and each other.

4. No Drugs/ alcohol or other intoxicants please!

5. If you are able to, find a space to dance where you can minimise distractions. That being said, we do realise this is more difficult at home!

Got Questions? Check out our FAQs page.